Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You guys lose!

None of you guys guessed! (Save Halya, who gets a special golden sticker).

You guys all lose, and I win, because it's ma birth-day.



Jinny Liang 7:39 PM  

Happy Birthday Alan!

Halya 8:01 PM  

I win the golden ticked! Woot!

Happy birthday Alan, hope you had a good night at the GOLDEN DRAGON!

You get birthday punches in life drawing tomorrow ;)

Lettie Lo 8:15 PM  

wahh. the 2s. enjoy =)

how big is ur harddrive now

Anonymous 2:15 AM  

How "big" is your.... "hard Drive" now? Hello, I think she flirting with u.

Cookedart 9:46 AM  

Thanks Seo, Jinny, Lettie.

Halya - you lose the golden ticket for not hanging out with us, haha.

Lettie - I was installing a 40 gig because I was selling the iBook on eBay.

Anonymous - Let's hope you're not right.

Lettie Lo 9:07 PM  

U dun want urs? or u meant.. the extra one u got at apples?
wow. someone's got a pretty dirty mind

Unknown 11:51 PM  

happy belated birthday :O
u have the same bday as my friend XD

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