Saturday, July 15, 2006

Dick Williams on the Thief and the Cobbler

Hey there - Phil found this on YouTube - not sure if it made the rounds.

I got stuck in Toronto because of a train derailment. I'll get some drawings up later today.


Poptique 6:27 AM  

Glad to see this is filtering about - I've always been so touched, enthralled and excited by the little section on the Thief and I've kept a manky old VHS from the original transmission, where this comes from.

Apologies for the lousy quality - the Amstrad VCR I had at the time was quite frankly the worst I've ever owned...

Cookedart 9:56 AM  

Thanks a lot for posting this either way!

Definetly heartbreaking to think that it was never released in its original form. I really like the Recobbled cut though!

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