Friday, July 21, 2006

Life Drawing Sketchdump.

A dump of sketches that I did today (I guess it's yesterday now, huh?).

First one is a 1 minute (Gasp!) and the rest are 5 or above. I tried out compressed charcoal for the first time today. We like each other now.


Halya 12:05 PM  

That's a dump alright.


(I realize I've just set myself up)

James© 12:21 PM  

very nice. the 1 min gesture is my favourite. keep it up!

Cookedart 4:10 PM  

Thanks James - that one's my least favorite haha. Just kidding, I like it. I could do better though.

Halya - it reminds me of the time I dumped... your MOM.


Anonymous 9:09 PM  

Awesome. Love the 7th one in, with the one minute gesture next. Good work man.

Unknown 10:28 PM  

Thanx for checking out my blog. I def. keep looking at all the information you put up. The stuff on the new building was really fun to see. Ur art work is great, hopefully I could learn a few things from you next year.

Mark 6:50 AM  

whats up alan.. nice life drawings.. the gesture is looking really good..

Cookedart 8:40 AM  

Hey Wayne - Thanks. I like the last one the most personally. They've all got problems but I like the face and the torso on that one.

Hey Naz - No problem! Glad you like the info. I hope next year runs smoothly!

Mark - Thanks man! What are you up to nowadays?

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