Saturday, July 15, 2006

Life Drawing

The digital one is in Painter.


Harjiwan Bhamra 2:39 AM  

Nice lifedrawing Fawker...i mean Alan...LOL XD damn i can't tell if you improved or not, icheck up on ur news each week, by the way where are you working these days? AIght yo latezz Oh yeah i forgot congrats on ur 20000 hit.

Cookedart 9:54 AM  

Hey Harj - I don't know if I've improved either, but I'm certainly trying!

I work at Chuck Gammage Animation Studios with Evan and Andre in Downtown T.O (it's near St.Lawrence Market).

Thanks for checking out the news too, btw.

Eduardo Avenir II 9:04 AM  

nice life drawing =)

Cookedart 11:23 AM  

Thanks Ed!

I'm not really too happy with it lately though =/

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