Monday, April 28, 2014

Calarts 2014 Films!

Check out all of the films posted online so far here.

Some of my favorites:

"Touch" by David Davis

"There's a Man in the Woods" by Jacob Streilein

"Acorn" by Madeline Sharafian

"The Usual" by Nicole Stafford

"Sleep" by Tony Unser (NSFW)

"Corridors" by Ricky Cometa

"Hoof It" by Seth Boyden

"Caught Red Handed" by Portlynn Tagavi

"Nada Doctor" by Matthew Yang

"Deep Squeeze" by Ingo Raschka

Sorry, I couldn't include everyone! I'm so, So, SO glad to see so many films end up online. The internet is the world's best animation festival!

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