Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More images from the Zoo....

Monday, July 30, 2007

Imaginism and Schoolism...

I had the great opportunity to hang out with the fabulously talented Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera of Imaginism Studios during the comic-con.

Over the past few years, Bobby and Kei have been releasing books on various subjects filled with great drawings and a plethora of guest artists. Most recently they released probably their best book yet, Subway Sketches, featuring guest artists Dean Yeagle, Thierry Lafontaine, Louie del Carmen, Jason Seiler, and Stephen Silver. I'd definitely recommend picking yourself up a copy at Imaginism's online store here. If you haven't already, I'd recommend checking out their other books as well.

The other totally exciting thing they have going on is Schoolism.com, an online school featuring renowned artist teaching the specific subject that they're known to be a master in. What's particularly interesting that separates the course is not only its original, specially designed videos created for artists of all talents, but the individualised feedback videos that your instructor gives by drawing or painting on top of your own work.

Currently, they have courses on the art of caricature by Jason Seiler, Drawing the female figure with Alberto Ruiz, Character Design by Stephen Silver, and digital painting by Bobby Chiu. Check out what Schoolism's all about here.

Wall-E Postcards

Deanna Marsigliese at The Labyrinth..

Hey there,

There's an upcoming Art Show at the Labyrinth store featuring the fabulously talented Deanna Marsigliese. The show is Thursday, August 2nd 7-10pm at 386 Bloor St. West, in Toronto.

Check out her character design interview here and try to make it out for the show!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Amazing San Diego Zoo...

Never have enough time to go to the zoo...

Coraline at SDCC...

I went to a preview screening at SDCC for Laika's upcoming film, Coraline, due out Summer/Fall 2008. It's a stop-motion flick based on Neil Gaiman's story of the same name, and directed by Henry Selick.

Teri Hatcher stars as the mother, with Dakota Fanning as Coraline herself. The amazing thing about the footage shown (sorry no cameras allowed guys!) was that the puppets now had squash and stretch on their faces, and many overlapping elements such as hair and fur (on the dog). Apparently, a new surface is being used called "dragon skin" that has a stretchable quality, and allowed for fat jiggles on a particularly fat character's face, all the way to subtle squashes for anticipation on Coraline's face.

I'll keep you posted if I find out anything more.

[Update] I also forgot to mention that Coraline will be shot in 3D - one of the shots shown was viewed with the special 3d glasses. The scenes and depth looked incredible! (Even though it is annoying for eyeglass wearers)

[Update X 2] Check out this account of the same screening on Aint-it-Cool

Stay Classy... Part 5

San Diego's over! (Well, for me anyways)

Some more photos:

Maquettes from Kung Fu Panda:

Jose Lopez

For all you Battlestar nuts at Sheridan (and my brother):

Chris Sanders

Final Book Count:

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stay Classy... Part 4

Matt Groening

James Hong and the guys from Balls of Fury

Henry Selick and Neil Gaiman talk Coraline - briefly - more on that later tonight

Liv Tyler

The guys from Weta Workshop

Satyr Animatronic from Prince Caspian

Andrew Stanton and Ben Burtt talk Wall-E

Horton Hears a Who!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Stay Classy... Part 3 (End of Day)

Robin Mitchell

Deanna Marsigliese

Phil Noto

Mike Mignola

Dean Yeagle

Stay Classy... Part 2 (Mid-day)

Will clean up this post later....

First Real Day at San Diego Comic Con!

First thing I saw was Voldemort.

And a box containing Iron Man (most likely)

And some crazy people dressed up in armor.

A Lord of the Rings Narnia Golden Compass Polar Bear

Art Center Booth

John Nevarez

Bill Pressing

Gabrielle, Donnachada, Morgan, and Scott

David Colman

The other Fatc(K?)at?

Adam Hughes

My small stack of books thus far (yes'm that's a new Chris Sanders Sketchbook) (and yes that is a chris sanders tattoo)

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