Friday, July 27, 2007

Stay Classy... Part 2 (Mid-day)

Will clean up this post later....

First Real Day at San Diego Comic Con!

First thing I saw was Voldemort.

And a box containing Iron Man (most likely)

And some crazy people dressed up in armor.

A Lord of the Rings Narnia Golden Compass Polar Bear

Art Center Booth

John Nevarez

Bill Pressing

Gabrielle, Donnachada, Morgan, and Scott

David Colman

The other Fatc(K?)at?

Adam Hughes

My small stack of books thus far (yes'm that's a new Chris Sanders Sketchbook) (and yes that is a chris sanders tattoo)


MondayMorgue 11:04 AM  

hey I know those 2 other guys with Donnachada and Gabriele, that's me(Morgan Kelly) and Scott Wright!
Great moments you've posted here from the's all over:( 'til next year.

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