Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Darjeeling Limited

I don't usually post trailers, but I just noticed today that the trailer for Wes Anderson's newest film, The Darjeeling Limited, was put onto Apple's Trailer website. Wes has to be one of my favorite filmmakers - and it looks like of the same goodness.


Benjamin De Schrijver 4:47 PM  

Strangely enough, I find this trailer very cold, heartless, superficial, contrived. As I did with the trailers of his previous two films. However, when I actually got to see The Royal Tenenbaums (the only film of his I've seen), I absolutely loved it. It somehow took all these absolutely unbelievable and seemingly superficial, contrived elements (let alone actors I often don't like) and put them together in a way that had soul, and really touched you on a much deeper level than most "normal" films talking about similar themes. I guess you could look at it as a link to animation. He exaggerates certain elements to get a maximum effect.

Cookedart 5:18 PM  

Such is the marketing machine for films these days, no?

I can't even think of how they'd market Life Aquatic or Royal Tenenbaums, let alone this. It does, however, seem to have the same themes of family, redemption, and quirkiness that I love about his films, so I'm expecting more of the same, which in this case, is fabulousness.

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