Monday, July 02, 2007

Quite the Sleuth...

Bogart and Bacall from "The Big Sleep"

If I wasn't in Animation, I would be in film. I'm an absolutely huge movie geek/buff/fan/whatever you call it

I'm posting about this because I'd very much like to know if any of you would have any suggestions for films to screen this year - either films that you really like but don't think others have seen (but should see), or a film that you just cannot find but have always wanted to see.

Here's a mishmash of films that I think people should see.
-Rear Window - Hitchcock
-Aachi and the Ssipak
-Paprika - Satoshi Kon
-8 1/2 - Fellini
-City of Lost Children - Jeunet
-Grave of the Fireflies, Whispers of The Heart - Ghibli
-The Host
-The Bicycle Thief - De Sica
-Yojimbo, The Bad Sleep Well - Kurosawa
-Ashes and Diamonds - Wajda
-The 400 Blows - Francois Truffaut
-Rushmore - Wes Anderson
-The Graduate - Nichols
-Kiki's Delivery Service - Ghibli
-Brazil - Terry Gilliam
-Mr. Hulot's Holiday
-Ed Wood - Tim Burton

Please add to the list!

Also, if you tried to email me in the past 3 days about an animation disc, the mail ended up in my junk mail and I saw the topic of your email as I hit the button to delete all of my junk. I'm pretty sure this wasn't spam - if this was your email and you read this, please email me again - I'll try to be more spam-wary in the future.


Benjamin De Schrijver 1:13 AM  

Mind Game, of course. Magnolia is another favorite of mine. Maybe Amores Perros and Cidade De Deus. These last 3 might not be too hard to find, but are great films that many haven't seen. Also, I'd probably add Howl's Moving Castle and Tokyo Godfathers.

J Chad Erekson 7:15 AM  

I can't find a copy of Carl Reiner's Enter Laughing. I hope to see that some day.

Cookedart 10:01 AM  

Hey ben - some good additions that definitely should be there.

J - I'll check it out.

Piotr 2:16 PM  

"The Man Who Laughs" with Conrad Veidt an absolute favorite of mine! Must see!! Available on Netflix...

Hoggan 10:17 PM  

Ohh you left a big one off Mr. Alan Cook.
A little film with none other than the beautiful Olivia Newton-John.
Xanadu my freind...Xanadu

Cookedart 8:27 AM  

More like...


Vadim 6:27 AM  

Hey Alan. I was talking to Trev about you perhaps taking his former job of screening films at school. I think this is a great idea. As for some suggestions I would recomend Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain.

g1toons 2:04 PM  

Amelie- Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Tekkonkinkreet- Michael Arias, Princess Mononoke- Hayao Miyazaki, The girl who lept through time-Mamoru Hosoda, Akira-Katsuhiro Ôtomo, Dreams-akira kurosawa, Seven samurai-akira kurosawa, Ran -akira kurosawa nice stuff by the way

Cookedart 2:28 PM  

Vadim - yes that's the plan. I'm getting a list together now so I can make sure I have the films when we start in september.

I don't really want to show Amelie just because i know lots of people have seen it already - I'll probably show city of lost children instead (another Jeunet). Maybe even A Very Long Engagement. Delicatessen was played pretty recently so I'll stay away from that.

g1toons - I'll check out Tekkonkrinkeet and the girl who leaped through time. I figure most have seen Princess Mononoke before (at least in our school - so I'm not to o concerned with the recent Miyazaki stuff. As for Kurosawa, I haven't decided exactly which one I want to show - I'm leaning towards Ikiru and Yojimbo though.

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