Wednesday, July 11, 2007

El Tigre...


andrew 3:02 PM  

this is great alan.....i really like this tiger a lot

Kei Phillips 2:02 AM  

i love his design! great work!

Tapan Gandhi 7:16 AM  

i love this alan

one of ur best i think

Brittney Lee 11:55 AM  

um, love it.

Anonymous 6:09 AM  

That looks like a total rip off of a Nicolas Marlet drawing and color. shame shame.

Hoggan 12:24 PM  

i feel sorry for the truth...probably a small person who doesn't draw very much...who spends their time giving negative criticism to someone trying to shame shame on your..whoever you might be (well..a coward for posting anonymously :)

Lettie Lo 5:16 PM  

digg it :) year of the tiger

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