Thursday, July 20, 2006


Ok I know I've been really bad with the news updates lately but my life has been crazy! Anyways, here's some stuff I picked up on my radar.

Ok so I know I'm a major geek but you've got to admit this is pretty damned cool:

D.T. Nethery posts about how his co-worker retrofitted his desk as such to allow for using a Wacom Cintiq just like an animation desk. Wowza! Cintiqs are the bomb.

I know all the internet buzz has been around San Diego Comic-Con lately, so I thought I'd add to it - apparently (according to AWN) IDT will take the wraps off their animated Hellboy series whose designs are drawn from Sean "Cheeks" Galloway. That and I hear that they'll show what Venom looks like in Spider-man 3.

Apparently some crazy former Universal Studios guy has made a real talking mirror. Although it doesn't answer who's the fairest of them all, it -can- tell you when your jacuzzi is at the desired temperature.

Steve Hulett of the TAG Blog posts about his visit to Dreamworks. Apparently it's crunch time on Flushed Away and the Seinfeld-featured Bee Movie is looking promising, according to those at the studio.

Check this thing out. It's called the Optimus Pro keyboard - Ron the Model told me about it. Apparently each letter in the keyboard is a small LCD screen that can changes what is displayed on it according to the active program you're using. Click on the image to see the photoshop keyboard layout. The Touch-typer layout is amusing. Make sure to check out the quake one too!

Stay tuned to Matt Wiliames' blog - he's showing his way through his process of animation. Check out post two here.

Mark Kennedy has a post with some of Bill Peet's drawings. Check it out!

I got a nifty assignment from Chuck today. I'll show it to you guys when I'm done but it's something that the studio's known for doing.

That's all for today!


Skye 9:14 PM  

I have a Cintiq :)

Andrew Chan 4:29 AM  

Cool. My family is in Hong Kong right now. I'll ask them to look into that keyboard for me.

Am getting a Cintiq when they come back! =D Can't wait to test it out!!

Anonymous 7:53 AM  

Hi, Alan,

Thanks for the link to my post about the Cintiq . It is totally cool and we're all still geeking out over it (mounted in the traditional animation desk) .

To give credit where credit is due : in the photo you linked that's layout artist/animator Steven Geer shown drawing on it . Steven worked out the basic design of the back unit which mounts the Cintiq into the hole on the animation desk and allows it to turn smoothly ; then animator Ronnie Williford, who's a master woodworker , fabricated the device and fitted it into the animation desk table top where the back light unit used to be. (you should see Ronnie's own animation desk which he made ; it's a beauty ... not the one shown in the pictures with the Cintiq, which is a standard Cartoon Carpentry "Haskett" model desk . A nice desk to be sure , but not nearly as elegant as the custom design Ronnie made for his own desk).

check out Ronnie's fine art website:

and Steven's website :

Anonymous 8:02 AM  

By the way, I notice you said you're working a summer internship at Chuck Gammage's studio . Did you know that the video game production we're doing here at Cecropia Games was partially animated at Gammage's and at Squeeze (Charlie Bonifacio ) ? Also , most of the digital ink & paint was done by Helix Studio in Nova Scotia, so this was really a U.S./Canada co-production.

I'm not Canadian, but I went to Sheridan College and got my first real world animation job at Atkinson Film Arts in Ottawa working on the first season of The Raccoons tv series back in '84/'85.

I'm interested in the Sheridan news you post and will be interested to see photos of the new building when it is finished. Post some photos of the inside. It probably looks totally different from when I was there.

Anonymous 8:06 AM  

hmmmm.... apparently Blogger doesn't care for the HTML links I posted in my two comments above , so if you want to follow those links you'll have to copy & paste them into a new browser window and it return .

Cookedart 1:49 PM  

Cory - how large?

Druie - Haha - how much do they go for in HK? I don't believe the keyboard has been released by the manufacturer yet, but I could be wrong.

D.T. - No problem! That setup looks completely amazing!

I wasn't aware of the collaboration at all - I'll have to ask Chuck about that. I don't get to talk to Charlie much but I know he's a great animator!

I guess I'll have to file you under "Sheridan Grads" from now on, huh? I totally didn't know!

Anyways - love your drawings and thanks for coming by!

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