Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pirates and The Rumor Mill

I'm still fighting my cold off and am coming back home from work late nowadays, so not much postin' going on. Sorry! I'll get some life drawing and new designs up over this week for sure though.

Seen the second pirates of the caribbean movie? I liked it - it was entertaining and well-made for a popcorn flick (gosh!). Anyways, check out the new toys from McDonalds with this Parappa the Rapper inspired Jack Sparrow:

I guess it's old hat that Pirates made over 130 million dollars in it's opening weekend, no? That's the biggest -evar- (sp)

Anyways - to the brunt of the post! Nothing like starting up the old rumour mill courtesy of Blogger. And as you probably know, a Sheridan Animation rumour is never rarely a good rumour.

So I've passed by the hole in the ground new animation building a few times in the past few weeks and for those of you who aren't a stone's throw away from Sheridan, they have the foundation and metal frame up. Last I talked to some people in Administration they seemed unrealistic overly optimistic that the building would be built on time. School starts later than September 11 this year so maybe they have a chance! I might try to shoot a photo sometime soon to give all you guys outside of the province a gander. Here's again what I know: It's gonna be three floors - 2nd year, 3rd year, and 4th year will all have their own work areas and desks, all three of which have keycard access to the doors. The 2nd year and first year work area is on the second floor, and the third and fourth year work area is is on the third floor. The 1st year area is again just going to be lightboxes in a classroom - there are two classrooms for animation on the second floor to accomodate for this. The 4th year students have linetesters in their work area, and the linetesters for the rest of the years are on floor two. There is a painting room with a sink on the second floor as well. The first floor houses offices for faculty, and two computer labs (the same as we have now - the third year lab and the digital meth lab), as well as the stop-motion room. I guess what's left is the pitch room on the third floor which has a collapsable wall so two pitches can go on at the same time (i guess). If you've got any questions feel free to ask!

The other thing I found out was from Mark Thurman, who told me that the third year life drawing teacher this year is going to be Angelo Libutti, and Gerry will be teaching fourth year (which is only a half year course, by the way). I figure this had made the rounds but I thought I'd post about it anyways.

There's one more thing but I ought to talk to D.Q. about it before posting. I figure it's also made the rounds but I'll post about it tomorrow if I make any headway. It relates to the third year groups films - Talk to Farrukh about it if you don't want to wait that long!

[Update] Just wanted to add to the post about the building - the C Wing will be transformed into a student relaxation area and the life drawing rooms will all be in the illustration wing (note that IT will be in a new area (the fishbowl - C129 - if you must know) and that leaves room for a new life drawing room.


Lettie Lo 9:19 PM  

wat's happening to the old wing then?

Cookedart 9:34 PM  

They're turning it into a student relaxation area, last I heard.

Skye 9:55 PM  

You guys are getting Angelo? :|

Unknown 4:10 AM  

interestinggg :O im looking forward to the new building D:

and angelo?? -_- boo

Guillaume 10:00 AM  

Woo thanks for the info on the building Allan. Que sera sera!

ben 1:19 PM  

thanks for the update alan, I've been wondering what's been happening with the building.

you said our work areas are keycard access? hope it's 24 hrs and not that 2am crap. on the plus side, it'll be somewhat more secure.

Jarrett 1:33 PM  

Hey Alan. Nice blog setup you have here with the art/news/obituaries haha/SETI info. It's enjoyable. Keep it up! Nice character designs too btw

Brandon James Scott 3:39 PM  

Hey dude thanks for the detailed update of our new building! I'm quite far away from Sheridan for the summer so this news is great. Feel free to post more about it when you hear news!

Holley Smirnov 7:55 PM  

wait a minute... whens school starting then?!!!! im confused... later than the 11th.. wtf?!!!!

Jinny Liang 8:17 PM  

Hey Alan,
Thanks for the update! I've been wondering what's been happening with that new building for awhile. I second my thoughts with Ben, while there's more security with having keycard access to the work studios, I hope it's available 24hrs rather than being locked out at 2am. But anyways, cheers to a productive year next year and a new building to go along with it. =D

Anonymous 8:34 PM  

Hey Alan, thanks for posting this bit of info. I can't wait to start first year in the fall to check the new area out and see how it compares to the old C-wing.

I'm also slightly confuzzled about the start date, I thought it was on the 5th of Sept or so.

Cookedart 9:14 PM  

Yowza guys - didn't expect this many comments!

Ya Cory - seems that way. What's with all the bad rap regarding Angelo? I know there's a stigma around Gerry but it seems downright negative around Angelo..

Hey Vivian - thanks for stopping by - I'm definetly looking forward to it too.

Hey Guillaume - I'll try to take some shots when it's not rainy outside, haha. You in Cali now?

Hey Ben - Should be 24 hour. No idea about the linetesting room though =/

Jarett - haha, I totally had to think about the obituary thing. Sure thing with the character designs!

Hey brandon - thanks for stopping by as well - how's JibJab treating you? Again I'll try to put some photos up as they build the thing. Here's hoping to having it ready in september!

Dave - You suck. Go home. Haha.

Hey Holley - I think it starts on the 11th - I double checked the date and it seems that it's September 11th. Sorry to confuse!

Hey wayne - from what I've heard, we don't actually gain any real square footage other than the fact that there's room alloted four the fourth year students. Should be tighter now though with all of the arts being so close to each other!

Skye 9:12 PM  

Hey Alan,

I like to think optimistically, so I'm going to choose the viewpoint that most of the issues we had will be resolved and you'll have a better experience than we did.

What I will say, is that you're right, some students had some definite issues with Angelo, all of which I felt were quite valid concerns. But, he is a first year teacher...so maybe he'll do better the second time around.

He certainly is an incredible artist, he just has difficulty knowing which behaviours belong in a classroom which don't.

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