Wednesday, July 26, 2006

News Radar

What's on Alan Cook's news radar for today?

Quite a bit, actually..

First off, the Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain season one are out on DVD as of yesterday. It's about time!

I'm sure there are some stop motion freaks out there - so check out this book for sure! I hear good things.

Check out Cartoon Modern's post on Rod Scribner, animator for WB and UPA.

The Tag blog's post answers the question (or rather, raises the point) about how Dreamworks/PDI never really releases Art-Of Companion books for their films (save Prince of Egypt). The image to the left is by Paul Shardlow, (C) DreamWorks. Make sure to check out the post for some pre-viz art for Spirit.

Also check out this post detailing some of the happenings of the San Diego Comic Con. Featuring Craig McCracken, Steve Gordon, Chris Sanders, and Robh Ruppel (Meet the Robinson's art director). I would (probably) kill for that Chris Sanders sketchbook! Let's hope Randeep bought some extras, haha.

Check out this Engadget Post on how some crazy science people have learned how to write on water using waves.

Matt Williames is at it again! Check out post 2 and a half on his process of animation.

Lastly check out the FPS post about this year's Ottawa Internation Animation Festival. Be there!

Is anyone noticing the images on my blog getting screwed up, or is that just this computer?


Anonymous 10:51 AM  

I'll be getting the Animaniacs set soon.

In other news, word is going around that Gedo Senki, Goro Miyazaki's feature, is getting a ton of bad reviews in Japan. It's received a 2.3 rating (out of 5 on Yahoo Japan). Comparatively, recent animation in Japan such as Pokemon has a 3.9, and Brave Story a 3.0. Pixar's Cars has received a 4.2.

It looks like Hayao Miyazaki may be vindicated in his claims that his son wouldn't be up to it. I still want to see it all the same.

Cookedart 11:00 AM  

Really eh? That's surprising.

I'll check it out - thanks for the info.

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