Sunday, July 02, 2006

A New Look

Just 'been playing around with my blogger template today.

Hope you like the new look/features!


Looks like I've got some work ahead of me to make this look the way I want in Internet Explorer 6 for Windows. Argh!


Jinny Liang 5:43 PM  

Your new blogspot layout is looking good. Very clean and easy to read. I'm still taking awhile to get used to the functions tho. Took me a 2nd try to get to the comment page ^^;~~ Keep it up~~!!

Cookedart 5:57 PM  

Hey Jinny!

Ya I thought the old one was getting kinda stale and is a tad busy. I like subtle little things here like a calendar, the search engine, and things like if you click on the title of a post and want to see the next older post, you can click on the title of that at the top of the page (a kind of 'next post' function that works both forwards and backwards). Ya it now takes two clicks I think to comment and I think I might change that around.

I find also that this template is a tad wider, more space for the posts, and the text is a little bigger to make it easier to read. I also like the colors (or lack thereof) better.

I know some really funky CSS stuff so I plan to have that integrated into my blog sooner or later. You'll see it when it happens I'm sure! It's a blast from my old computer programming days....

Anyways, thanks for stopping by!

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