Monday, July 03, 2006

(Another) Blast from the Past.

Hey there, I thought I'd post more of my stuff (and by stuff I mean life drawing) back from first year. It's fun to see how I've changed and how they compare I find!

These definetly make me want to go out and draw.


alain huynh 2:38 PM  

sup bro, i particularly like the 3rd one "the guy lying on his back" really hard pose to do, and you pulled it off very nicely, also your character designs are getting much better then what i've saw in the beginning of the year, keep it up bro. o ya! my phone was dead for 3 days cuz i didn't have my charger with me, but i finally got it, i'll call u soon and let u know about the laptop.. peace

Cookedart 3:08 PM  

Thanks Alain - I've been working hard at it.

Those life drawings are so old - I know I could do better now (they're all first year stuff)

You better call me! Or else! Haha. Just kidding - call (or email) whenever you can though.

Thanks for stopping by!

James© 12:21 AM  

i feel the same way whenever i look at drawings from the past. what a diffrence a year can make.

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