Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Digital Gestures

Oh man I feel sick! Ugh!

I brought my iBook and Tablet to Life drawing today. I need sleep! Guh!

Anyways, just trying to stay loose and gestural - I'm planning on doing my boards digitally so I need to work a little on this technique. Twas fun to try out though!

I'm going to drink some chicken noodle soup and go to sleep now.


Yavuz 10:50 PM  

Delicious!!! I mean your drawings :)
very cool life drawings. You captured the poses perfectly. looks great.

Cookedart 12:08 PM  

Thanks! This was my first try so I hope to get better at this technique.

Thanks though!

Lettie Lo 5:50 PM  

spare me some programs >.>

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