Monday, September 11, 2006

Studies of Character in Literature was boring....

Luckily there was some fresh faces. Alex Coté, Andre (I think his name is?), Jody, Guillaume, Auguste, Jordan, Kosta, Robert, The Guy who's name I don't know, and the teacher, Chris Mansour.

Who seemed to be in my class in Life drawing today (and presumably my class/potentially in my story group):

Jordan Wan, Tom Gruca, Nonna, Alex Coté, Mario Richard, Guillaume Chartier, Elliot Power, Jeffrey Allen, May Fung, Agnes, Auguste Chang, Eduardo Avenir, Jon Suh, Jody Todyschuck... and that's all I can remember right now, haha. Sorry if I forgot your name!

I'll try to be posting more drawings nowadays - possibly less new but I'll try to keep up with everything at the same time!



Seo Kim 8:30 PM  

these are real nice!

clifford chiu 12:41 PM  

the guy whose name you don't know is ian roach. he's anti-social like bryden macdonald.

who, you ask?...exactly.


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