Saturday, September 30, 2006


And.. The Official Pocoyo Blog.


Guillaume 4:00 PM  

Woah, I really like the look of this show! It's all about the designs and the animation, but the simple lighting, bright colors and unexistant (or imaginary) settings really work well for the tone of the show. I'd be crazy about this if I was 4 years old.

Mark Mayerson 5:47 AM  

Pocoyo is brilliant. The poses and motion are far more expressive than just about anything animated on TV. It leaves The Simpsons and Family Guy in the dust when it comes to animation, and it's done on a fraction of the budget.

Cookedart 10:00 AM  

Me too Guillaume! I think there are more episodes on YouTube - I know the 4-year-old in you is dying to watch them!

Mark - Agreed! I can't confess I know too much about the budgets, but I do find the overall feel of Pocoyo more appealing. I suppose they are for different age groups, though, but I think your point still stands.

h__z 7:30 PM  

i just had to comment. this is my favourite kid's show, heck yeah.

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