Thursday, September 14, 2006

A mishmash of random things that caught my eye today...

Hey there! Here's again for one of my news posts.

First up, I gotta say that I don't really consider myself much of a gamer anymore - the new systems just don't excite me. But the deets for the Nintendo Wii have just been released, and I thought it was a refreshing change from the $500+ systems from Nintendo's two main competitors.

The skinny? The Nintendo Wii will ship on November 19, 2006, for $280 Canadian. It will include the console, the remote, the joystick (nunchuck) attachment, AC adaptor, AV cable, console stand, sensor bar, and two AA batteries. Wii Sports is also included in the package.

If you're interested, read more about the press release here, some more details here, and here.

For those of you guys in my year here at Sheridan, check out Ricardo Curtis' post on building a team at the House of Cool Blog. Definetly pertinent, to say the least.

Seems that's Sony's wrapping up story work on "Surf's Up", yet another penguin movie that looks a lot to me like Happy Feet, and the story crew has ben shifted to a film called 'Cloudy Meatballs.' Huh? Well, we'll see, I suppose. The Happy Feet/Surf's Up dynamic seems a lot like me like the bug movie craze (A Bug's Life, Antz, Ant Bully, and the forthcoming Bee Movie and Leaf Men), and thecoming mouse sensation movies - Ratatouille, Flushed Away, and Universal's "The Tale of the Despereaux, based on a children's book by the same name. If you're interested, the Mike Johnson (Corpse Bride) directed film has just nailed down the voice actors.

Cartoon Brew posts about one funny anecdote that I didn't know about - the after part of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I had heard about the instance of Fred Moore falling out of a window, but not the various other insanity that ensued. Let's hope our graduation party will match up!

A few last things - I'm simulateously wrapping up two animated scenes (one 2D, one 3D) and a layout assignment that was just handed down to us yesterday. Because of this I'm not sure how much art will go up but the layout thing will probably drop first so I'll pass that on to you guys.

I'm looking for accomodations (and possibly transportation if it means that I'll arrive for the picnic) to this year's Ottawa International Animation Festival. If anyone has an empty spot in their hotel room/car, drop me a line.

Over and out!


Unknown 8:22 AM  

yeah... I feel the same way about the games these days... dunno what it is exactly but just not that interesting to me anymore. But the new Nintendo looks truly innovative and I can't wait to try it out! Thanks for the post Allan

Damian 6:21 PM  

Sure the Wii is a lot cheaper from the looks of things, but the 360 is steadily dropping in price too. The PS3 is scheduled for the November 11th release and Microsoft is gonna try and pull a fast one and drop the price even more, I've heard. Plus they might be adding an HD-DVD bay to the 360 next year, mainly b/c of the Blu-Ray in the PS3. I've always been a pc gamer and didn't bother with console games, but with increasing upgrade costs, this seemed like a sensible choice; just got one a few weeks ago. That being said, you can't expect all games to be great. There are some good titles out for the 360 and plenty more coming soon. On the pc side, I'm looking forward to one game in particular and that's Crysis. Check it out if you're an fps kinda person. Later.

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