Sunday, September 17, 2006

Just a few today...

Hans Bacher has posted some more of his photographs which he dubs - 'some more history.' They're some neato (and very young-looking) photos of Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, and Don Hahn, amongst others.

Also Calarts student Steve Macleod has posted about the Baxton art auction at Calarts that was held recently. In attendance was John Musker, James Baxter, Dean Wellins, John Ripa, Mark Kennedy, and more. That's CalArts for ya!

Man - I really haven't been checking Jim Hill Media enough! They have a posting featuring the pre-production work that was shown at last year's Siggraph for American Dog!

They also have a story breakdown:

""American Dog" is the story of Henry, a dog who stars in a popular television series, where each week this Hollywood hound has all sorts of James Bond-like adventures ... But Henry always manages to come through unscathed. Thanks to his TV show's carefully written scripts as well as his dedicated stunt team.

But one night, during an on-location shoot, one stunt goes horribly wrong. Henry gets knocked out. And when he finally comes to, this diminutive dog finds himself on a moving train thousands of miles away from Tinseltown, in the middle of America.

After years of being treated like a celebrity, being waited on hand & foot, Henry doesn't quite know how to get along in the real world, how to interact with real people.

Mind you, not everyone that Henry encounters when he's stranded 'way out in middle America could be called normal. Take -- for example -- that over-sized radioactive rabbit ...or that one-eyed cat with the eye patch.

As it turns out, the rabbit and the cat have access to a classic old car, And Henry cons these two into driving him back out to Hollywood. Where this dog can resume his plush celebrity lifestyle.

Then there's some artwork for Rapunzel Unbraided - John Lasseter was reported to have said the first 20 minutes of Rapunzel was the strongest opening that he'd ever seen for a Disney animated feature.

Also, follow This link to see some stuff from Dreamwork's Kung Fu Panda, and Bee Movie.


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