Sunday, September 17, 2006

The drawings that got away...

So I'm putting my portfolio together for Ottawa and cleaning up my room today, and started to do my every-so-often life drawing purge. I shot some snapshots of a few unfinished drawings before they got tossed - most of these, though, have some sort of problem. Hope you like!


RyE 9:45 PM  

hey cookie........I have been waiting so long to get a blog and finally be able to tell you you suck or some other degrading comment. sure enough the day I get my blog you post some unfinished leftovers form like last year or some thing. YOU SUCK............oh yeah and I Love you........keep on keeping on.......and check out my sweet artless blog.

Love RyE

Cookedart 12:08 PM  

Hey RyE

What can I say... I knew it all along...

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