Friday, September 08, 2006

Another YouTube Dump..

Perils of Love...

Elephant's Dream (The Open Source Animation project!)

The Cog (No animation/cg/compositing here, all live action - and all in one shot!)

Trevor Deane-Freeman's demo reel:

Frederick Back's Taratata La Parade:

Levi's Odyssey:

Chemical Brothers (Let Forever Be) by Michel Gondry:

A Microsoft Ad:

Check out Metacontemplation's YouTube account for the best of Jan Svankmajer, James Stuart Blackton, Frederick Back, Windsor McCay, Norman McClaren, Ryan Larkin, Raoul Barre, and more! Some pretty rare and alternative stuff!

My god there's a lot of animé on YouTube....

And stuff like this:


Anonymous 4:49 PM  

The Perils of Love, À quoi ça sert l'amour, whatever its called - was pure brilliance.

That's all I'll watch for today. I don't like watching things over 5 minutes on youtube quality. I dunno how people can stand watching anime there.

Cookedart 8:30 PM  

I gotta agree with you there.

Both on the accounts of YouTube quality and the brilliance of the short.

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