Sunday, August 27, 2006

Your favorite blogs...

There seems to be a lack of influx of news in the past week, so I'll just post my own musings for now while I work away at a painting.

I'm curious as to which blogs are the ones that you most often visit! Here's a short but sweet list of my own favorite blogs, or should I say, the ones that I visit most often:

Mark Kennedy
Marcelo Vignali
John Nevarez
Robin Joseph
Matt Williames
The House of Cool Blog
Cartoon Brew

Of course, the frequency of me visiting blogs definetly has something to do with how often people update...

And here are some newer ones (that I've recently become aware of, anyways) that you really ought to check out:

Vera Brosgol
Arezoo Fallahi
Dave Tran
Kevin Dart
Taylor Krahenbuhl
Lines and Colors
Marcos Mateu
Armand Serrano

I really wish painting didn't take so long...


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