Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Art of Glen Keane Blog

Thanks to Victor for posting about this - the all-inclusive art of Glen Keane blog!

What are you doing reading this? Visit it!


Halya 7:37 PM get fired AND I find the Glen Keane Blog! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!

Cookedart 6:39 AM  

You got fired?

What happened?

Give me the dirty details!

Halya 2:45 PM  

Hahaha it was good times. They caught me taking a break in one of the rooms with a coworker. Yelled at us with flaming eyes. FLAMING! I came in the next day and they said it was my last. But it was totally because they have no money to pay us, and we were only getting like 3 days a week. I was one of their best peopple, lmao. They wanted any excuse to get rid of anyone. I dunno if my coworker got fired; probably though because they hate her guts, lol. IT WAS GREAT!

Cookedart 8:32 PM  

Lol - sounds awesome.

But you should have quit when he said it was your last day!

You should have said 'no, it's my last second, biyatch!' and stormed out.

That would have been -awesome-

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