Monday, August 28, 2006

Some Linetests, Some Shorts, All Good!

Michael Dudok De Wit's "Tom Sweep"

I would love to see "The Aroma of Tea"!

Monster Samurai (excerpt):

A Lion King Promo Trailer with some linetests:

Deleted Scene from Sorceror's Apprentice:

The Big Story:

Some cool Monkey Animation (Make sure to check out his YouTube account!)

Shane Acker's "9"

The Cathedral:

Fallen Art:

Fifty Percent Grey:

Gopher Broke:

In The Rough:


Atama Yama:

An Eye for Annai:

Sheridan Student Ewen Nguyen's Leica! (The Crane's Lament)

YouTube is insane.


chris 11:26 PM  

youtube IS awesome. You've been uploading some great stuff on there too btw, so thanks alot. keep it up eh? I put up that scorcerer's apprentice clip.. i love mickey.

Larry Bedasie 11:22 AM  

Another good post Cook. The Cathedral short just looks amazing. Also the linetests especially the Mickey one is very inspiring for anyone that’s into animation.

You Win 3:34 PM  

ahhh why did you add my short to this collection of random awesome? thanks though.

Tom Sweep: no longer available
Fifty Percent Grey: depressingly awesome. Good thing I'll be rotting in the ground!
Atama Yama: whoa. head trip

Cookedart 10:18 PM  

Chris - definetly! Thanks for posting that linetest - I noticed after I linked that it was you - gotta give credit where it's due! And we gotta keep getting this kinda inspiring stuff up!

Larry - Thanks! I definetly have to agree with you on that too - I'll try to get some new stuff up asap!

Ewen - Just because!

Tom Sweep works now too, btw.

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