Thursday, August 03, 2006

A good find...

Thanks to Boris for pointing me towards these. They're two linetests from the Laserdisc edition of The Lion King posted by YouTube user Tiramisue.


Elephant Graveyard

I think I'm going to try to post some of the Beauty and the Beast stuff today if possible. Still no connection at home but keep an eye out for the Dick Williams stuff.

I'm assuming this is a James Baxter linetest (from Beauty and the Beast).

[Update x2]
This one's -definetly- a James Baxter test:

[Update x3]
The Glen Keane Transformation Scene Linetest:

Here's to hoping that the Little Mermaid set coming out this October has some great linetests like these! There are definetly a few Glen Keane/Ariel scenes that I would like to see.

One more addendum - I noticed that this marks my 250th post and I'm approaching 25,000 hits - 1000 hits per post? Anyways, thanks for the continued patronage!


Phil ROD 6:27 PM  

It's always inspriing to watch disney's line tests, please post more.

Halya 4:25 PM  

Damn that's hot.

Cookedart 8:35 PM  

Phil - Can do! You've probably seen a lot of the stuff I'm going to post though...

Halya... um... indeed?


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