Monday, August 28, 2006


Looks like they split up the classes this year! I talked to Dave Tran, Dave Hoggan, and Robin Hall all in my class first and second year and they all seem to have different schedules.

Studies of Character in Literature (Chris Mansour)

Figure Drawing (Angelo Libutti)

Animation Preproduction and Character Design (Lecture - D.Q. and Tony Tarantini)

12AM - 1PM
Character Design (Lab - Tony Tarantini)

4-6 PM
Layout and Art Direction (Mark Komza)

4-6 PM
Co-op (Kathleen Martin)

Digital Methodologies (Doug Smith)

1-4 PM
Animation (D.Q.)

3-5 PM
Storyboarding - Advanced Story Structure (Natalie Garceau-Turner)

It seems that I have two classes at the same time on friday! Conflict!

Anyone in the same class as me?


Anonymous 7:46 PM  

I'm in.....your character/culture class on monday, and the animation lecture on tuesday.

Cookedart 7:48 PM  

When do you have life drawing Ewen?

h__z 8:29 PM  

we 4th years have, like, 3 classes. life drawing, senior animation project lab and a breadth elective. probably gonna be something like psychology or whatever. so the 4th years probably wont be seeing much of each other...i guess we'll see.

Damian 9:02 PM  

Wow, I really hate my new schedule. I start late in the day most of the time at 11 and 12 for the most part and end around 5-6. Sucks! I'm probably gonna change it if they don't adjust it. I like to start as early as possible and end earlier in the day. I also have Rick again which is odd, since we're not supposed to have the same life drawing teacher twice. They scattered our last year's class(1st year) around all over the place too, which is what I detest the most about it all.

Anonymous 3:51 PM  

life drawing on fridays @ 3.

also my layout lecture hasn't been posted yet

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