Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Building and the Faculty Show

Here's a quick update on the new building:

Also, I keep forgetting to post about this, but there's a faculty show going on in the Arts and Crafts building featuring the artworks of Mark Thurman, Rick Potruff, and other faculty members currently teaching at Sheridan. Check it out if you're in town!


Halya 2:20 PM  

For crap's sake, why isn't it finished already? IT'S ALMOST SCHOOL! I'm counting down the days, although I don't really know how many just yet :P

Chris Thompson 4:55 PM  

lol unless there's an act of god i can't see this being complete for september. but i'm assuming it will have a lot of large open rooms so they really may not have much work ahead of themselves depending on what is complete inside the building that we can't see from the photos.

Jarrett 8:41 PM  

Nice update, Alan. Eee, yeah, that pitch of yours is eerily similar to my own. Your establishing shots, the little alien, the astronaut. Originally, he accidently injures the little guy, causing a retaliation of sorts from the aliens people.

Mark 1:23 AM  

Wahat a superb blog, I'm so glad I found it. And those old linetests, and the life drawing are top notch :D

Cookedart 8:41 AM  

Halya - Yeah I know =/ A little more than a month now I think!

Thomps - From what it looks like inside there'll be quite a bit more to do - the third and second floors don't have that many rooms but the first floor is mostly offices which haven't been built yet. Again, we'll see!

Hey Jarrett - I bet it only looks that way, haha! Mine focuses around a little robot who was left behind on a 70s-era space expedition on a distant planet who begins to become lonely.

Hey Mark - your stuff is awesome too! I shall link you when I get the chance!

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