Monday, August 28, 2006

Clearly not what Maya is meant to do...


chris 7:22 PM  

thats the best thing I've ever seen done with that ugly blue 'goon'. made me laugh.

Cookedart 7:52 PM  

haha, thanks. I was just screwing around with the model.

You wouldn't happen to know any better (read: better looking) free models to play with, do you?

Thanks in advance!

chris 10:59 PM  

bah they're ALL ugly... these rigs dont have any appeal in the character design. I guess the best 'looking' rigs around for students are probably the Bishop rig at, and the norman rig used in the pixar classes at academy of art. unfortunately, the only way to get these is to sign up for classes...

Here's my collection of free rigs that I've found so far. (30mb)

I like low-man because he's easy to dress up and works good for physical stuff. The mouth is pretty limited, but lip-sync is overrated right? I also included one that I'm building... (see atomic_amy) it's a work in progress, theres no tongue yet and the face needs some work, also the feet have some problems.. anyway, heres some test animation with it to give you an idea.

Cookedart 11:22 PM  

Hey Chris-

Thanks so much for the rigs!

Any chance I can use atomic amy for some demo stuff?

chris 12:53 AM  

sure, you can use it if you want..

any chance of gettin a look at milt's album? *wink* *wink*

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