Friday, June 02, 2006

Yet again more life drawing.

5 from today. Two 1's, a 5, and two 10 minute drawings. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my materials to life drawing today so I had to improvise with cartridge paper and a pitt pencil. Hope you liked the results - definetly not psyched about it though...


Dawei Sun 7:40 AM  

Hey, Allen

Really nice drawings, I like your lines and the way you render!

By the way, you got life drawings on Saturday too!?? where ??

Gulzar 8:08 AM  

Allan that is so tight...great rendering...n gameplay of light n shadow...
Your work has matured so much...keep it up! :)

Cookedart 6:32 PM  

Thanks both of you!

Sun - The life drawing was on Friday at TSA. I posted it on Saturday because I got back late.

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