Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Today's Life

Hey there.

Last time I went to life drawing I was in the unfortunate position to have forgotten all my materials but col-erase pencils and pitt pencils. And it was even a costume session!

To commemorate my return to newsprint and conte, I drew with only conte, no erasers or smudging or any of that nonsense. Here are some of the drawings from that session (One 1 minute, Two 5 Minute).


S. Stephani Soejono 8:20 PM  

COSTUMED LIFE DRAWING!! Is the life drawing you're going to the summer fundie one or the paid one?

Cookedart 8:50 PM  

The paid one.

They do it around once or so per month.

I think Artists 25 has some costume stuff as well but it's a longer pose.

clifford chiu 8:12 PM  

i dont know if it's the contrast on your camera or what, but it seems like the shading in the 5's are way too harsh to look at comfortably. that would be the only gripe i have...


sam 9:00 PM  

Hey Alan, is it possible to drop into the session you've got running and just pay for the night? I'm not around every week but i could probably make it in every once in a while. Just not enough to pay for the whole thing. If not i can always go to the fundies one I guess, i'd just rather have the animation pose lengths.

Cookedart 9:20 PM  

Cliff - Yes I think the levelling was a tad harsh. I draw with HB conté so you can only get so dark with that.

Sam - Yes you can, though a) I'm technically not supposed to and b)we'd have to work out the cost or something. I guess you can talk to me about it when the time comes.

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