Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yesterday's Life

Yesterday's life drawing from TSA. Don't know the model's name.

I'm using just conté nowadays - I'll switch back to NuPastel after I'm comfortable with my lines and shadow shapes again. Practicing structure and simplifying at this point in time. I think I got kinda complacent with smudging and erasing with long poses and doing the same ol' thing with short poses, so I just gotta mix it up a little. At least the drawings are turning out ok! At this point I might call them a little too graphic and the shadows a little too contrived/shape oriented. I always liked the smudging technique for it's feel of finish as well as it's adherence to atmosphere.

One 1, Two 5's and a 10.


Phil ROD 7:07 PM  

The one with her pulling on her hair, was a great pose to draw on friday.

Cookedart 7:54 PM  

Ya I liked it as well. I think I made it too graphic though (the shadow shapes)

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