Friday, June 09, 2006

Cars Reviews

The critics are weighing in on Cars today, and the outlook doesn't seem that great overall. Especially for a Pixar movie!

This quote from eFilmCritic hit home:

"2004's dazzling "Incredibles" promised Pixar was growing up and willing to try new things. "Cars" is incontrovertible proof that promise was not kept."

As well as this one from Creative Loafing:

"The soulless quality that permeates most CGI toons is missing in this studio's output, and Cars nearly rivals the Toy Story twofer in creating life where none should exist."

Lisa Schwarzbaum, of Entertainment Weekly says this:

" I do believe the exemplary Pixar team who made the beguiling comedy adventure Cars could draw a mote of dust and a pair of socks and turn them into characters worth caring about."


"I also bet that any story the Pixarites came up with about dust and socks (with John Ratzenberger lending his voice to the supporting role of the shoelace) is bound to be more rewarding than 90 percent of anything coming out of Hollywood Blockbusterville this summer."

Cars is at a 74% approval rating last I checked on Rotten Tomatoes.

I'm going to see it today at 9:20 probably at the Mississauga Famous Players. Send me a line if you wanna tag along (and I know who you are, haha).



The sketch drawind is great, i don´t know about the movie but the sketch are great.

Seo Kim 7:25 PM  

I just watched Cars... wasn't completely blown away by it, mostly because I was soo over-the-top hyped up for it before watching, but I absolutely loved it nonetheless and it is a gorgeous film. The critics are being very unfair. Yes it is slower paced than the other pixar movies, no, its not filled to the brim with slapstick humour and pop culture references, but it works perfect the way it is. It has a heart and soul that something like "Over the Hedge" doesn't have, and to me that makes it a million times better. Pixar's brilliance hasn't wavered.

S. Stephani Soejono 10:00 PM  

Yo Alan,
I just wondered why you post these (mostly) negative critics? Nothing more than a question. :P

S. Stephani Soejono 10:02 PM  

oh ya, btw, lately u're gettin' more reliable than some animation news site. Hahaha. No rly!

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