Friday, June 16, 2006

So what's the deal with RSS?

Hey guys!

I've decided to sign up to BlogLines. It acts basically as a web-based RSS reader. I find this better than RSSReader and the likes simply because I can access my rss reader from any computer that has the internet, and every 'new post' will be something I haven't seen before because it's web-based, not computer based.

I've also shared my bloglines links to the right. Basically it'll be a web-based rss reader for you that contains all of the links that I have on my blog. You can also export the feeds and import them into your own bloglines account and possibly (I'm not entire sure on this however) export it to any other rss reader that you might be using.

Please note that I haven't added all of my links to my bloglines account yet. It'll be a few days at the very least.

Hey, cool! Cartoon Brew has posted up an article about the commercials at Chuck Gammage. Make sure to check out the Spider and the Fly by Sam. His blog is here.


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