Sunday, June 11, 2006

Way of the Pyrats and Gobelins Annecy 2006 Shite!

Gobelins releases my favorite student work year after year.

Last year the most exciting thing was "Le Building" - this year it's Year of the Pyrats.

Check out the rest from Annecy 2006 here

Also make sure to check out the Way of the Pyrats Blog, as well as Nicolas Gueroux's, Ben Fiquet's, and Julien le Rolland's blogs - all people who worked on Pyrats.


Anonymous 11:36 AM  

That was pretty awesome. It was my favourite of the batch as well.

Also, just commenting on your work in general, I really like your stuff, especially your storyboards and layouts. Keep up the great work.

I'll be starting animation in the fall at Sheridan, so I look forward to meeting everyone then.

- Wayne

Jeremy Canton 11:57 AM  

Funny, I just came across this animation through victor navone's blog.

It was insane and yeah, definetly the best of the batch. I love the look and mood - not to mention the ending gag!

Makes me wonder tho, how come Sheridan doesn't have a section on their website showcasing student animations/artwork? Places like Ringling, CalArts, Gobelins, have one...

Cookedart 7:01 PM  

Hey wayne - thanks for coming by! Thanks for the compliments, too! Sheridan will be a blast - just make sure that you don't like sleep!

Jeremy - I'm not really sure why they don't, but they don't. It sucks, especially because we've put out a lot of good stuff too.

Kt Shy 10:16 PM  

Oh man, thanks so much for posting their blogs. I only saw this film recently and was so absolutely gob-smacked by it, it's beautiful! Gets me all excited for 2d to make a comeback.

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