Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Some News and the Craziness...

So I'm just about finished my internship here at Chuck Gammage. It's 10 PM and I'm still in the studio working on a leica reel. Suffice to say that I'm not gonna have any new art or much news to share with you guys (I would love to show you guys some work from it but that probably won't be allowed until around November or so)! Of course, this weekend is the Comic Con Fan Expo (With Jim Lee, Humberto Ramos, Mike Mignola, and Skottie Young all present) so that will be more than occupied as well. If I can I'll post stuff - if not - don't be surprised!

Also, I'm still working on my storyboards for a pitch , tying down a 2D animation scene, and now some 3D animation with a really sweet rig courtesy of Chris Turner. So I've definetly got a lot on my plate!

Keep on the lookout for some new linetest-ish stuff in the next little bit. I'm not sure when I'll get it up, but it'll be there.

Steve Hulett posts that Disney will adopt a short-before-the-feature model like Pixar. Since the timeframe is short for Meet The Robinsons, it won't include a new one (but a "Golden Oldie" as he puts it), but the forthcoming features should. Anyone see an influx of 2D shorts coming?

And for the people looking at my schedule - the only people I've been able to confirm that are in my class are Ed Avenir, Jon Suh, and Mujia Liao. Suffice to say I'm a little nervous about who's in my group but I guess I'll get whatever I get!

Anyways, sorry for the short post, but I gotta get workin'


chris 12:27 AM  

hey thanks for the link! good luck with all your work.. sounds like you'll be busy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for 2D shorts also.. cant wait.

Guillaume 8:50 AM  

Hey Alan! I think I'm in your class as well. So far with Ed, Mu Jia and John, we were all in group E except you. Could it be possible that you just got transfered to group E?

Brandon James Scott 9:08 AM  

Hey Alan,

I'd love to hear more about your experiences at Chuck Gammage. I talked with chuck over email a few times before I left for the summer and I'm prolly gonna head over to meet him sometime during the year.

Melanie 11:29 PM  

Hi, hope you're enjoying the comicon, anyhoo, I came across this and thought you'd be interested:
Its a complete runthrough of Dragon's Lair. It gets repetitive, but its interesting nonetheless...

Cookedart 10:12 PM  

Chris - no problem! Thanks for the rig! I'm definetly playing around with it and it looks leagues better than "generick"

Guillaume - Nifty - although that's kinda weird, haha. I think I know some group E people who got switched out of E so that doesn't seem to be the case. As well I know a lot of people from group B that got shuffled around.

Brandon - Definetly! I bet he'll get a lot of visits throughout the year from people looking for internships. How'd JibJab go?

Mel - Definetly! I'll check out the link - thanks!

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