Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Some stuff...

Sorry that my posts have been kinda flat lately... It's totally not my fault! My internet has been on the fritz for over a week now so I'm glad I can post anything at all.

First up Cartoon Modern has this list of 1950s Animation Books on Amazon. I'd like all of them, please.

For all you animation junkies out there, Matt Williames continues his tips and tricks on animation series, sparking the keep-light-on or keep-light-off debate:

Animate with lightbox on or off? As with MANY things in the process of animating this is what i've learned, EVERYONE DOES IT DIFFERENTLY! James Baxter animates with it on, others like John Pomeroy animate with it off. not all the time i'm sure, but that's at least what i've witnessed these 2 do. and yet, they are both great.

Also, there's a new splinecast up with Nate Stanton.

One more thing - I've noticed that on YouTube whole scenes and sequences are popping up from Disney films - try searching for Pocahontas or Beauty and the Beast, for instance. As I've said before, I've got a bunch of Dick Williams stuff to post but also, I was wondering if it'd be worthwhile to post some sequences from some of the discontinued Disney DVDs, such as Beauty and the Beast and Tarzan (the former I don't see referenced all that much in school which I find quite strange). There's some great linetests on both DVDs (three in particular from Beauty and the Beast pop into my mind) and since I don't see them on YouTube, I figure I should get them up - especially since you can't get these anymore. They're certainly enough to inspire me whenever I'm out of creative juices. I do, however, lack the sources for several linetests that I'd really like to see again. Particularly, I'd like to see -anything-from the Lion King, as the DVD features were really quite shameful. But in particular, does anyone have the Glen Keane test of Pocahontas running through the forest? It ends with her running her hands through her hair - I remember Tony showed it to us in Storyboarding and I was gobsmacked. I guess another thing that should go up is the leica reel of the opening of the Great Mouse Detective, back when it was Basil of Baker Street - I guess I could look for all of these when my internet is restored...

Anyways, tell me what you think about posting some of these linetests!


Anonymous 12:51 PM  

There are two Lion King pencil tests up on youtube.

Here is the link to one of them.>>>

The girl who posted them has more pencil tests from the lion king and from other films, but we just have to wait for those.

Ken 8:34 AM  

really like your life drawings below, beautiful.

Cookedart 10:28 AM  

Thanks much Boris! I'm gonna post on this!

Hey ken - thanks :)

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