Saturday, August 26, 2006

How original...

Oh yeah, just a heads-up for all the Sheridan people looking at my blog - your schedules will be up August 29th.

Oh, and by the way, I feel like updating that Spidey pic below. Watch for it sometime (don't know when though!)



Damian 7:45 PM  

Nice job on the Batman there Alan. Now hurry up and finish that Spiderman from the other post. I liked your previous Batman as well by the way.

Cookedart 1:15 PM  

Thanks Damian...

I'm working on the spiderman now and it's taking me -forever-. Believe me, I'd rather have it done right now!

I'll finish it up as soon as I can though.

Jinny Liang 6:44 AM  

Hey Alan!! Scheduled are already up!!

Cookedart 8:42 AM  

Hey Jinny - not for me!

When does school start for you guys - the 11th?

Conteart 1:46 PM  

Nice Batman Mr. Alan!

Jinny Liang 8:22 PM  

Same.. it starts on the 11th.. And ya, they split up our class groups as well D:!! I wonder why they split it now when before they didn't...

Damian 9:22 PM  

Yeah, they start on the 11th for me as well.

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