Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Richard Williams..

The featurette, "I Drew Roger Rabbit." Thanks again to Mel LaFrance.

Also check out this featurette on the Jungle Book sent to me via reader Adam King:

Stumbled into the posting of the 2006 Calarts Producers Show. Check it out here.

It looks like Vanguard animation has just signed a three-picture deal with MGM. Vanguard was the studio behind last year's "Valiant." Looks like there's going to be another big feature player in the CG market.


Robin 12:53 PM  

I liked watching that.

It's funny that the girl was considered a 'siren' to Mowgli -- I'd never thought of that before, she lured him to the rocks

ysengrin 12:59 PM  

Thank you very much for all great things you give us.
This blog is a real pleasure!
People who like animation like you and who share this passion are too scanty!
Keep posting!

Cookedart 2:36 PM  

Arezoo - Thanks so much! I like your blog a lot too (and your art!)

Robin - Me too - why dont' they stick this stuff on the Dvds! The little mermaid one better be wicked!

Nicolas - Thanks so much too! I'm definetly a fan of you Gobelins guys - thanks for visiting!

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