Friday, August 18, 2006

Atlantis and some more Tarzan..

More linetests people! These are all from DVDs you can't get anymore. Enjoy!

Tarzan Meets Jane Scene: A Shot Progression

Atlantis - Various linetests:

Atlantis - Milo's Speech - Another shot progression!

I wanted to get some Emperor's New Groove stuff up but for some reason I couldn't get the disc to recognize. I shall try again sometime this weekend.


P A R I D H I.P 7:58 AM  

wow nice collection of linetests.
but can i ask u?? were did u get these from?.

Cookedart 9:10 AM  

These are all from Collectors or Special Edition DVDs that were discontinued by Disney. You might still be able to find them in some stores (or eBay) but they're quite rare now.

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