Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Memory Sketch...

A thing that Marcelo Vignali does as well as the two sketch clubs is memory sketching. See a person, observe, and draw them after.

Just something I put together when seeing someone on the way home. It's not exactly the person (I'm sure it's a bunch of subconscious stuff mashed together), but it's not often that I throw enough random sketches on here so I thought I'd get this up.

Oh yeah.. one more thing - I'll get one more post about Tarzan tomorrow and put up some Emperor's New Groove and Atlantis stuff up. Disney should really still be selling these DVDs!


Chris Thompson 6:35 AM  

that has to be the worst plan i've ever heard.. why don't they just wait to move the animation desks and so forth during our reading week or even christmas holidays?

Seo Kim 7:03 AM  

very cool drawing.. you should do more!

Cookedart 9:11 AM  

Thomps - As I've heard they might not even have a reading week for animation students this year. I'm not 100% on that, but that's what I've heard. As for christmas holidays - that's a tad late but might be the only realistic option.

Thanks Seo - I just might!

Hypernautz 6:24 PM  

Very kool design Alan!

Cookedart 9:49 PM  

Thanks Steve - though I think in this case the design was all her :)

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