Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tarzan and the shit-disturber.

You're probably wondering about the title.

First of all, here's some awesome stuff from the discontinued Tarzan DVD.


A featurette on Deep Canvas with some awesome Glen Keane stuff:

Animation Tests:

Now that you're all semi-inspired, time to take it all down!

*Start Blatant Conjecture/Rumour/Unconfirmed Report*
So I gather most people pessimistically believe that the new building won't be finished in time for the September 11th start for this upcoming year in animation. Well, you're probably right, pessimists! From what I've heard, the intrepid animation faculty has conjured up plan B to deal with this problem! Since the only date of completion that I've actually be able to secure is a November finish, and since the C Wing will be under construction shortly for the new "relaxation area" - what's to become of the animators?

- You know all those dance studios in the Sheldon Levy Building? That's one area where they can go!
- The photolabs in the A-Wing!
- The playstation 2-shaped G-Wing ought to be the next best place, but not in the classrooms, the hallways!

And if that's not the icing on the cake, apparently the elevator in the new building isn't strong enough to lift up the animation desks when the moving crew moves the desks for when we have to move so it'll have to be brought up by hand. In the middle of the school year!

Of course, my question is - where are the photography and dance students going to go?

I hope this isn't really the solution that they've come up with...
*End Blatant Conjecture/Rumour/Unconfirmed Report*


Anonymous 3:57 PM  

Hey Alan, Thanks for posting all of these videos, they're great.

As for school, well you can consider me slightly more nervous for starting First year in the fall. Rumors as they may be, it's still a little irritating/scary.

Whatever happens, happens I guess. I suppose we'll find some reasonable way around it.

Jinny Liang 4:18 PM  

Thanks for posting the Tarzan vids.. I really enjoyed the last two.

And nothing much to say about the speculation about our new building. I'm just very mildly annoyed with the fact they can't even finish it on time... I hear the workers don't work Sat, Sun, Mon... nor do they work whenever it rains, is windy, or foggy outside.. It's disappointing when accross from where I sit at work, outside the window a new condo is being built, and I see workers working everyday regardless of weather conditions.. T___T;;;

Anonymous 11:00 AM  

The nice thing about being a pessimist is that all surprises are good since you're always expecting the worst. I must be an optimist since I don't like surprises yet somehow such rumours aren't surprising.

It's pretty hard to compare construction projects because of all the different rules... physical laws of nature, regulations and legal stuff, and unwritten conventions. As disappointing as it may be, we probably don't know enough specifics to judge fairly and their time's not up yet.

Besides, I'll be a lot happier with a late, but complete building than one that has hidden defects due to a rush to avoid financial penalties for missing the deadline. On time and done right is possible, but rare. Depending on the details, any such defects or shortcuts can be hard to prove, take a long time to investigate, and legal recourse may be limited while the costs of suit prohibitive. And as any plaintiff knows, being awarded compensation and damages is one thing. Collecting the legally due amount or getting the defendant to rectify the situation may be impossible.

Whatever happens, just remember not to count on the school (or any authority) to take care of things. Just like last year's strike, the best solutions are usually the ones we make for ourselves (barring the illegal of course).

Cookedart 9:14 AM  

Hey Wayne - I'm sure everything will turn out fine even though we'll complain. Work will still get done and life will go on!

Jinny - I saw the workers working Saturday once, and I'm almost 100% sure they work on Mondays (unless it's a holiday or something). Let's just hope they get it done before snow comes!

Anonymous - True indeed! I think we ought to take the leaks in the Scaet building to heart - how would the third and fourth year students like leaks over their desks for years to come?

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