Monday, August 21, 2006

Crazy YouTubers...

And you thought -I- was posting too much on YouTube? Check out this link. This person has uploaded full episodes from Animaniacs, Batman the Animated Series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Beast Wars, Beavis and Butthead, Betty Boop, Billy and Mandy, Captain Planet (!), Clone High, Dexter's Lab, Family Guy, Freakazoid, Futurama, Gargoyles, Justice League, Pinky and the Brain, Ren and Stimpy, Sam and Max, Samurai Jack, South Park, Spongebob, Teen Titans, TMNT, Thundercats, Transformers, and Xmen, just to name a few. And YouTube was giving John K. heck for posting a few no-longer-available Looney Tunes shorts.

My brother has a knack for finding mind-numbingly stupid but funny stuff like this:



Hypernautz 6:27 PM  

haha bad ass goodness! Lol Darth Vader should have been like that! Too bad Samuel L jackson couldnt play him. Then there would have been two lol.

Cookedart 9:50 PM  

Heh - I have to admit that I found quite a few things funny in that clip - but it's also quite lame. Too much time on their hands people have!

Jason 3:11 PM  

My brother has a knack for finding mind-numbingly stupid but funny stuff...

Hey! I resent that! I'm cultured, and refined, and mature, and.... oooh, look! A bunny!

Cookedart 4:22 PM  

I rest my case.

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