Saturday, August 12, 2006

One for the road...

Just a life drawing from yesterday's session at TSA.


Phil ROD 3:44 PM  

Very nice Al, keep it up.

Cookedart 8:08 PM  

Thanks guys.

Both of you go to life drawing! haha.

Seo Kim 9:29 PM  

very very nice!

Tapan Gandhi 1:50 PM  

awesome, alan :)

i may see u sometime at tsa this summer, that is if i can get up off my lazy ass...

Eduardo Avenir II 5:10 PM  

very cool, i like the shading a lot. you've probably improved so much this summer in figure drawing!

Cookedart 8:30 PM  

Thanks Seo, Tapan, Ed.

It's just a back pose, guys! haha.

An addendum - Tapan - don't be lazy!

*abhors laziness*


Thanks for visiting and commenting guys :)

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