Thursday, August 24, 2006

What's Going on in the Grapevine...

Ah, so it looks like that "Leaf Men" picture at Blue Sky is going to be based on yet another William Joyce novel , The Leaf Mean and the Few Good Bugs, reports AWN. William Joyce also wrote "A Day with Wilbur Robinson" (the basis for Disney's Meet the Robinsons) as well as working on production design in Blue Sky's "Robots." The story goes as follows:

"LEAF MEN [...] concerns a troop of doodle bugs that tries to save an elderly woman’s garden from ruin from an evil spider by calling upon the Leaf Men, “gardeners of a grand and elfin sort."

If you haven't heard already, inside the Disney's Big Hat Studios in Burbank (I think it's Burbank?) they've constructed a new story room in honor of the brilliant storyman, Joe Ranft. He joins Joe Grant with the distinction of being the second Joe with his very own story room at Disney. See the pic over at Mark Kennedy's Blog.

Lastly it looks like Dreamworks is full steam ahead on Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda (a film that I knew was coming but didn't post about beforehand for some reason that's beyond me), and Madagascar II. The TAG blog also says that there are two additional features in the works. In addition to Flushed Away and Shrek III, well, that's quite a lot of work to be had there, folks!


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