Sunday, September 03, 2006

What's up, Doc?

I think that was probably the longest stretch in a long while that I haven't posted anything up on my blog.

To the news!

I think everyone knows about this, but Veteran animator Ed Benedict passed away at the age of 94 on August 28th. While I generally feel that you can't know enough about every animator that there was who was involved with the formation of the Disney, Lantz, and Hanna Barbera studios, I really suggest you check out some info floating around the net about this guy, especially with so much popping up.

It looks like Animation is finally going High Definition. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride and Chris Wedge's Ice Age: The Meltdown are the first titles to be released on High Definition optical media. Many soon to follow, I'm sure!

The "3D character Solution" Poser is available free through the Content Paradise website until Monday. It's a 600 MB download but well worth looking into. Link here - Oh, and it works for both Mac and PC, in case you wanted to know.

Mr. Mark Kennedy has posted up some Bill Peet drawings! I simply can't get enough of Bill Peet lately and am planning to rifle through his autobiography as soon as I get the chance.

Also, Calarts teacher Matt Williames posts another in his series of helpful tips, this time on the specifics of tying down an animation drawing. Well worth the read!

Make sure to check out the Art of Glen Keane Blog in the next little while - the person who owns that blog recently received over 200 Glen Keane drawings - and he plans to post every single one!

That's all for the news today folks!


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