Friday, September 29, 2006

Three Articles..

Three nifty articles popped up today.

First up, The Democratization of Animated Features. I think it's a very contentious article but raises some points for some really good discussion.

I think personally that the article is mistaken in its thinking that rotoscoping and motion capture technologies are making 'animated' films more easily accesible for content-creators. While technology is defintely more accessible to everyone now more than it ever has before, I don't believe that these techniques make things easier for the people actually creating them - from what I've heard, rotoscoping is an incredibly boring and laborious task. Of course, read the article and see for yourself.

Also, check out this old interview with Ward Kimball. It's a great article for all you animation history junkies! On this topic, I hear a certain someone is working on a book full of Ward Kimball's artwork that isn't related to his art at Disney. Sounds great to me!

Finally, check out Mark Kennedy's post about straights versus curves, and creating variety in shape. It's entitled - "Things They Don't Teach In Art School".


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