Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today's Stuff

Two from today. 3 and a 5.


Bicos de pés 8:48 AM  

Excellent drawing poses.
very good for quick drawing.
And the way congratulations your blog is excellent with great videos.
"Até à vista" see you (a little of my language)

Jarrett 12:40 PM  

Everything is looking super sharp, Alan. Your work is really looking great. That life drawing with the lady bent over is rendered quite amazingly.

Cooked Art 10:03 AM  

Bicos - Thanks very much! I hope you keep visiting!

Jarrett - thanks man! I think the lady is actually a guy - but I suppose it doesn't really matter, haha. I'm smacking myself in the head for a few mistakes I made on that drawing though.

Can't wait to see your life drawing too!

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