Saturday, September 30, 2006

Two James Baxter Linetests

You might have seen these before, but maybe not.

Check em out!

From the old James Baxter Animation website:

From Hunchback and Lion King:


Unknown 7:33 AM  

That's friggin MAGIC! thanks for sharin this

Cookedart 9:58 AM  

No problemo Bobby!

These aren't actually my uploads as per usual - I stumbled upon these on YouTube just today quite randomly.

Your YouTube stuff is looking pretty swell as well, Bobby!

Anonymous 1:20 PM  

That animation of James Baxter's self-caricature is absolutely awe-inspiring. It would seem to be pretty low-tech as well, as it looks like it's been totally drawn and coloured with Prismacolour pencils. That is indeed the magic of traditional, hand-drawn animation, bringing a personality to life with the most basic of tools: pencil and paper. As a result, I personally remain highly unimpressed with Flash and similar programs that reduce the art to the computerized equivalent of cardboard cutouts shifting around on screen. What has happened to the artform I once loved so well?

Jeremy 3:32 PM  

Yeah I uploaded the pencil tests with much thanks to James Hull at Seward Street. Sorry for the wierd hold between some of clips.. it wasn't in James' animation but just sort of result of me cutting them together.

Cookedart 12:20 AM  

Hey Pete - thanks for stopping by!

While I definetly agree with you that there's no doubt a charm with these pencil and paper drawings, I do have to say that some flash is going in the right direction towards using actual animation principles (take some of Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends, for instance). While it's not anything that the Nine Old Men would enjoy, it's certainly getting better - and it keeps the jobs in North America. If only the fully 2d animated stuff was alive as it once was!

Jeremy - I saw the one hunchback clip on Seward street a while back, but not the Rafiki and James Baxter self-caricature. Thanks so much for uploading them either way!

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