Sunday, September 03, 2006

Yup.. it's confirmed..

I'm definetly a geek. And here are the drawings to prove it! These are a bunch of sketches I've collected from Comic Artists at the Toronto Fan Expo this year and last. Enjoy!

Michael Turner:

Udon's Scott Hepburn:

Mike Mignola:

Skottie Young:

Francisco Herrera:

Humberto Ramos:

Oh yeah, and Jim Lee:

If any of the above artists want this off the blog, email me or comment and I'll take it off pronto. If not, thanks for the sketches!


Damian 8:10 PM  

You lucky bastard! J/k. You've managed to get a sketch from Jim Lee I see. Dammit! I wanted one so bad yesterday, but didn't get one since I was in the 'maybe' line by 5 people. Arrgggh! I went today again though and got a Venom sketch and print from Herrera. Oh, and thanks for that sheet from your sketchbook yesterday. I got a nice WW sketch from Ramos.

Cookedart 8:27 PM  

Aww man - that sucks!

I know after a while he stops doing sketches too so even if you were in the maybe you might not have got one.

I'd love to see that Ramos sketch sometime.

Damian 11:30 AM  

Yeah, I was lucky enough to get to meet the guy and get a picture with him. He signed a bunch of comics as well. I'll post the Ramos and Herrera sketches up on my blog if you want to see them.

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